Friday, May 1, 2015

кисель - A versatile dish

Kisel is a fruit drink, or sometimes a dessert, that consists of a sweetened juice thickened with potatoe, cornstarch or sometimes even arrow roots with an optional addition of wine and/or  fruits. Depending on the amount of starch used it is either drunk, used as a sort of syrup to placed on icecream and/or pancakes, or it becomes a sort of pudding/jello!

Vegan Kissel Recipe (Fruity Russian Drink)
Jam or fruit preservative 1 jar
Arrowroot/Tapioca/Potato powder/starch 3-5 Tbsp
1. Blend or whisk one jar of fruit jam of your choice (for making a drink it’s better to use jam without whole fruits or berries) with water to get it smooth.
2. Bring it to boil.
3. Mix the powder/starch of your choice in a glass of cold water (the thicker you want the more starch is used).
4. Slowly pour starch solution into boiling fruit water and stir it at the same time. Keep stirring until thickened.
5. Turn off fire and wait a few minutes before serving hot or let it cool for a cold dessert.

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