Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Второй год русского языка Second Year Russian, Лингафонный кабинет... Ням ням! | Unit 3 Week 3

Мало работы на сегодня, ребята! Во-первых... напишите тест по грамматике! Тогда, «Давайте послушаем» Let's have a little listen... Working with the tutors, FIRST make sure you understand the statements, then listen to the recording... А что сказал товарищ Базаров? What, in fact, did Mr. Bazarov say?

Давайте послышаем упр. 3-40

SIGN UP for your ORAL PERFORMANCE! I'm closing this document tonight (Wednesday) and anyone who has NOT signed up will... FAIL. (Sad music plays, teacher shakes head...)

Тогда, пошевелим мозгами! Let's wiggle our brains a bit... The exercise the tutors will help you with: Making negative commands. 

NOW IS THE TIME! Get your домашка checked! Work with me and the tutors on next week's Oral Performance (OP (c)) assignment!

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