Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Сегодня в лингафонном кабинете... Русский язык (второй год) (Урок 6 Неделя 1)

Привет, ребята! С возвращением!!! Welcome back!

Make sure you get a lab handout!

 С каждым днём все радостнее жить! Every day we live more joyfully! (A Soviet poster from the 1930s...)

Сначала, на пару минут... Take a second, and read/listen to эти стихи Ахматовой... «Но я предупреждаю вас...». The recording is of the author herself reading the poems.

Вам нужно будет выучить эти стихи! You'll need to memorize this poem for the oral quiz at the end of the unit. (Notice here the use of нужно будет! The future form. You learned нужно было, the past form, yesterday...)

OK, now spend a couple minutes with Диалог 1 и 2. First, just listen to the dialogue recordings...
Диалог 1    Диалог 2

Тhen read the dialogue (it's on the lab handout) while listening to the recordings...
Диалог 1    Диалог 2

Finally, listen once more and answer the questions on your lab handout...
Диалог 1    Диалог 2

Поняли? Did you understand?

Now, come to the table. We're going to discuss naming verbs in Russian: Her name is Viktoria! This book is called Brothers Karamazov. 

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