Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Сегодня в лингафонном кабинете... Русский язык (второй год) (Урок 6 Неделя 3)... Мемрайс, перевод, устный тест!!!

Chill. Расслабьтесь, ребята! Запишитесь! (Sign up!)

День светлый, лёгкий! It's an easy day...

Сначала... Take your quiz! Напишите тест! А потом...

1) TAKE YOUR MEMRISE PILL! Выпейте таблетки «Мемрайс»!
2) Прослушайте Ахматову... Поняли? Блеск, ребята! КРАСОТА! What a beautiful poem.
3) За столами... At the tables: Work with the tutors on your устный тест. And work on the translation assignment.
Что-то || что-нибудь, Кто-то || кто-нибудь, Где-то || где-нбудь
Both particles in translation could mean "-thing" and "any-"...
Someone/Anyone, Something/Anything, Someone/Anyone, etc. 
English is really inconsistent and colloquial in its use of these indefinite pronouns.
Do you know anyone? Do you know someone? Did you go somewhere? I went somewhere. But I didn't know anyone. I didn't know someone. 
But Russian isn't. Remember the rule: -то in statements (present and past); -нибудь everywhere else. And don't confuse these pronouns/particles with negative sentences. No student never does nothing!

4) Practice with the tutors for your quiz!

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