Monday, March 9, 2009

eBay is Russian friendly!

Not that I didn't expect eBay to offer a variety of Russian items, I was just surprised at the vast amount of items available under the search keyword "Russia". In fact, the first item that pops up is a silver and enamel Wine Pot going at $3,050.00! There are solid silver spoons gilded Russia 84 (I have absolutely no idea what that means), there is an old silver jewelry box, and some 100 thread count sheets. You can also find t-shirts, collectibles, coins, books, CDs, and tons of other Russian stuff. The cheapest thing I found was a coin, Russia 10 dengas/5 kopecks for $.99 including shipping. If you're interested, you have about 9 days and 14 hours left. Don't let this opportunity pass you by! (while I understand this is text, I hope you can detect the sarcasm) I personally liked the variety of stamps offered on eBay, some are really cheap and others are really really really cheap. Who knows, maybe purchasing all these cheap Russian stamps may earn you millions one day. And then I'll be calling you asking for my share of your riches because of this blog entry. 
You never know. . .

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