Sunday, March 22, 2009

ВКонтакте -Russian Facebook!

Hey everyone,

So I'm having a great time in St Pete, meeting a lot of international students.... But I haven't really befriended any Russians yet.  I decided to sign up on , to hopefully find some Russian people who wanted to improve their english, and help me with my Russian.

I only just signed up today, but all my suitemates (they're from the states) say that it's a good site... Russians don't use facebook, but they always ask if you have a kontakte page.

So you should all check it out! Dr Denner had Jason and I sign up on a dating website last year... I recommend trying kontakte first perhaps haha.

The only issue is that although Daytona Beach and even Orange City are listed on kontakte, Deland is not.  I lied and said I went to school in Daytona -I don't know, maybe one of you with more patience can figure out how to suggest Stetson University as a place.

But yeah, get an account and add me as a dryg :)

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