Monday, October 25, 2010

Mail Order Brides

When I think of Russia I immediately think of mail order brides. The whole reason I joined the class was so I could get myself a bride. And although one of the preceding sentences is false I'm still going to do my blog post on mail order brides. The idea of Russian mail order brides is generally outdated, but that doesn't mean the actual system of ordering brides has been completely wiped out. People still look for Russian brides via the internet and through letter delivering services. There are two common scenarios however that make the whole institution seem sketchy. One is when the girl is nonexistent and you're just being conned out of your money. The other is when the girl comes to the US or Canada and is mistreated by her husband. Even with these stories though there are numerous cases of people forming happy and lasting relationships via one of these bride finding services. I guess it can be viewed as positive or negative depending on how the system treats you if you're in it and on what kind of stories you hear.


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