Thursday, October 28, 2010

Russian Gambling

Russian Roulette is one thing that Russia is very well known for. But what is the history behind this gruesome game? Almost everyone knows the game. The general amount of players are 3-5, a single bullet is placed within a revolver and the cylinder is spun and snapped back in at random. The game is believed to have originated in 19th century czarist Russia. Prison guards would force prisoners to play the game and bet on the outcome. Over time soldiers even found themselves playing this game. Of course many who found themselves playing the game were actually crazy and suicidal, but there was also some who played to prove bravery. There is also another variation of the game. This game was called cuckoo. During cuckoo one player would stand on a table or chair with a gun, with the other players were around the room. The lights would than be turned off; players around the room would say cuckoo and than the player on top of the desk would fire in the direction of the sound. During cuckoo the shooter would have a fully loaded gun.

Both games held a certain amount of risk, the only component needed were a couple of men ready to gamble their life. No death has been reported ,by cause of this game, recently. However many still believe that these games are being played underground today.

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