Thursday, October 28, 2010

Russian Federal Space Agency

Well as I was thinking about a topic to write about, I realized that Russia and America have many differences, but one thing they both have in common is a space program. Many people who grew up in the Soviet/Cold War era may believe that the Russian space program is nothing but a cover up for nuclear developments and world domination, and it probably is, but over the past few years the Russian Federal Space Agency has produced several good results. Firstly, after the U.S., they are the largest partners in the International Space Station program. They have contributed several modules of their design to the station, as well as flown several U.S. modules to the station on their own spacecraft. Also, the Russians have given their program an almost business-like structure. They have a contract with the U.S. to fly people ($42 million/person) and cargo ($50 million/trip) into space, and they also sell trips to the I.S.S. for $20 million (why it's more expensive to fly an astronaut than a tourist, I don't know). With the future of our own space program in jeopardy, it may be the Russians who continue to carry on the dream of space travel.

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