Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Russian Nightlife: The Hungry Duck Unit 4

When you think of clubs, especially European night clubs, you tend to think of young people dancing into the late hours of the night and loud music that carries the mood into the early hours of the morning. This was not the case for Moscow in the 1990's. The famous Hungry Duck in Moscow, where young people go to have a good time today, was once a more subdued and oppressed place because of the rich cliental that would frequent the location. It more resembled a gentlemen's club in the 90's.
Now the tables have turned, the Hungry Duck has gone transformed into a full blown night club where the youth go to have a good time. There are scantily clothed employees and apparently dancing/stripping on the bar is encouraged. When interviewed, many new age residents expressed their gratitude that the Hungry Duck had transformed into an actual night club. They expressed the want to get away from aristocracy. However there is a group of people who are discontent with this drastic change in the Hungry Duck. The upper class that used to enjoy frequenting the establishment now feel obligated to construct beer halls for themselves and people like them to enjoy a drink or two without the fear of it being contaminated and without having to be harassed by belligerent youth.
Although the Hungry Duck seems to be encountering major success with the upcoming population, there is speculation that it really isn't making that much money compared to its revenue with the upper-class. It is speculated that the beer halls being established may become more profitable than the night clubs around Moscow because they offer a more relaxed atmosphere and there is less risk involved.

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