Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Moscow Zoo

For those of you who are interested, I shall have a much more in-depth story about the Moscow zoo on my blog. But this image amused me so much I felt the need to share it.

The sign translates to "Caution: Dangerous Animal!" Yes, it is outside the enclosure of a napping Stellar Sea Lion. Presumably, this animal could be dangerous... if it sat on you. But seeing as how 50yards away is the "Дельфинарий," where you pay 700p to take a picture of a different Stellar Sea Lion/bottlenose dolphin/Beluga whale kissing your children, I feel that he is not posing a real threat.

Zoo authorities did not feel the need to put signs up near, say, the tiger or zebra enclosure. Presumably, people would know instinctively the tiger is dangerous. But people felt the need to feed the zebras through the fence... I was anticipating watching a live version of, "When Animals Attack: Moscow Edition."

Anyway... enjoy the sea lion picture!

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