Friday, April 22, 2011

Unit 9 Russian Breakfast-завтрак!

The people of Russia commonly eat 4 meals a day, the first being breakfast (duh). Although most russians eat a very light breakfast that consists of bread with ham and cheese(бутерброд), there is a strong work ethic in Russia and belief that, to work hard, one must eat well. Because of this, russian pancakes (блины), omelets, or porridge (каша) may be an addition to the smaller meal.

Coffee or tea accompanies breakfast.

The most common Russian breakfast is блины. These are thin pancakes that are similar to crepes, the difference being the absence of yeast in a crepe. The traditional Russian blinis are composed of a yeasted batter which is left to rise and then diluted with cold water or milk. They are then baked in an oven, though they are almost universally pan-fried, like pancakes.

блины can be eaten with jam (Варенье), caviar (Икра), meat (мяco), and topped with
(Сметана). In russia, you can even find blini that are ready made, that are already packed and iced. To cook them, a microwave can be used or you can pan fry them.

Here are some Russian sayings about their блины:

* Блин не клин, брюха не расколет – Pancake not a wedge, the belly is not split
* Продал душу ни за овсяный блин – Sold his soul for no oatmeal pancake
* Где блины, тут и мы; где оладьи, там и ладно – Where pancakes are, we are; where pancakes are, there everything is okay

Although I am not sure the meanings of the first two, the third is clear that the Russians love their блины!!

There is a saying about breakfast as well:
"Eat breakfast yourself,
Share dinner with a friend,
But give supper to your enemy!"

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