Thursday, April 21, 2011

UNIT 9!!!!!!!!! Viktor Chudin

(left to right) "Still Life", "Fishermen"

Color, for Victor Chudin - is a way to illustrate his emotional creativity. Colors shows the excitement, intensity and illuminates the energy. His works all support one meaning, beauty can never be too bright!

Where to find his art: "In 1987 he had his personal gallery at the Museum of A. N. Radishev in Saratov. As of 1989 0 1996 the artists works are exhibited in numerous galleries in Germany. From 1997 until now, Victor experiments with the technique of acrylic painting. The art works of Victor Chudin are located in museums of A. N. Radishev (more than 100 works), museum of K.A. Fedin (in Saratov), in Altai regional museum (Barnaul), and in the hands of private owners across Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Saratov, Germany, Switzerland, Canada, Australia, Israel and the U.S."

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