Saturday, November 12, 2011

Nikolai Gogol: One of the Greatest Russian Authors

For anyone that is a fan of Russian literature the name Nikolai Gogol holds immense meaning. A Ukrainian born Russian, his works encompassed the best of both of those worlds. He not only wrote stories of Ukraine that brought the world of the Cossack to life, he was able to create intricate stories of horror set within the modern time.

Linked is the story "The Cloak". It is one of the earliest Russian horror stories, but to simply classify it as such is a bit misleading. Gogol thrived on the surreal with his work and "The Overcoat" is no different. The actions, events, characters, and places all bear some meaning despite their apparent randomness. All of them work together to create what is at root a good ghost story.

But if you aren't into horror, then try reading his other stories like "The Tale of How Ivan Ivanovich Quarreled with Ivan Nikiforovich" and "The Carriage", both of which show a lighter side of Gogol.

And of course, if you REALLY love Gogol, try reading "Dead Souls". It was supposed to be the first part in a modern day "Dante's Inferno". Only Gogol never had time to finish it.

Gogol's demise was as surreal as his some of his stories. After going through a religious madness in which he burned many of his manuscripts, he proclaims his actions as a joke and shortly after succumbs to sickness. In that odd and disturbing way Russia lost a literary treasure, and the world became poorer for it.

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