Monday, November 7, 2011

Russian singer Vitas!!

The lyrics are very moving and thought provoking.

His full name is Vitaliy Vladasovich Grachyov but his stage name is Vitas. He was born in Daugavpils, Latvia on February 19, 1981 and was raised in Odessa, Ukraine. Vitas was discovered by Sergey Pudovkin and invited him to Moscow based soley on his acting, but he had not heard Vitas' voice yet. He made his debut with Opera No. 2 in Russia in December 2000. He was notable because of his energetic and surprisingly high-pitched vocals. Vitas performed his concert program, Philosophy of Miracle at the State Kremlin Place on March 29, 2002; he was the youngest artist to perform a solo concert there. He tours around Russia, as well as the entire world, bringing his mysteriousness and enchantment to all those that see him. I have definitely been enchanted by him and his voice. Vitas is indeed married to a Svetlana and they have one child so far.


Prishinko said...

OH geez he is the best, when I cant even take that high of a pitch as he does. I sound like im choking. I loves his signing I practice and cant never be as good. lol.

Diane Fetterolf said...

Vitas is the best! His official site is at Check out all his music. His high notes are amazing, but his lower register is equally as awesome. He has a beautiful voice that is pure joy to hear.