Thursday, March 8, 2012

Russian Ghosts

Household ghosts are so common in Russia that they have developed distinct classifications for them. Domovoi are domestic ghosts that tend to be nuisances or poltergeists but help out with chores if treated with respect. Domovikha are more quiet household spirits whose presence you can sense in certain rooms. The roads of eastern Russia is haunted by the ghost of Zorya Vechernaya, who can usually be seen at dusk driving a white chariot. The home of Josef Pisinger in Prague, Czechoslavakia, is haunted by the short ghosts of dwarves, while the Heidenreich House in Bucharest is haunted by the ghoul Bassarab, the sole survivor of the dynasty of Walachia, now a province in Romania. Vaso Miskin Street and the adjoining marketplace in Sarajevo, Bosnia, is haunted by the ghosts of innocent people slaughtered there, and the streets of Bijeljina are haunted by Mehmed, a Muslin killed by a Serbian strike force.


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