Monday, March 12, 2012

unit 7 post brittany ooman

Brittany Ooman
Unit 7
Russia and China
Back Syrian Government
“What is the
difference between democracy and sovereign democracy? It’s the same difference
between a chair and an electric chair.” –This is a common joke Russians repeat
about Putin’s “sovereign democracy” in today’s day in age. Currently the
country of Syria is a war zone between the Syrian president Bashar al-Assad and
its people. Assad has already killed over 6,000 people and is continuing to
grow anywhere from 30-100 people a day. Russia currently has armed dealer
contracts with Syria worth up to $6 Billion dollars which means that Russia is
providing Syria the weapons they are using to murder its people. Almost the
whole world is opposed to this ideal excluding Russia, China, and Israel; three
of the countries that carry the world’s most destructive weapons. Although there
are no laws saying that Russia is in the wrong, doesn’t morality play a more
important role in the issue?

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