Sunday, March 18, 2012

Russian superstitions

Some supersititions that are different that are done in Russia:

- On examination day, it is bad luck to make your bed, wear anything new, or cut your fingernails.
- If one person accidentally steps on another person's foot, it is common for the person who was stepped on to lightly step on the foot of the person who stepped first. It is said that they thus avoid a future conflict.
- It's good luck to trip on your left foot.

Some "Cause and Effect" superstitions:

- If your ears or cheeks are hot, someone is thinking or talking about you.
- If your right eye itches, you're going to be happy soon. If your left eye itches, you'll be sad.
- If your lips itch, you'll be kissing someone soon.
- If you wear clothes (such as an undershirt) inside out, you will get beaten. Your friend should point this out, wait for you to fix the clothes and then punch you symbolically.

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