Sunday, October 21, 2012

Learning through listening

English is not my mother tongue. I learned English at school but I actually really improved by watching English movies. It must have been more than 200 movies I guess. That is about 300 hours of movie. My understanding of the language improved immensely by that. Listening to prepared audio samples in classroom context mostly doesn't reflect the actual language you would find when walking in the streets of that country. Movies are more authentic in that condition, and moreover it's more fun.
Having made this experience with the English language I want to start the same with Russian movies. Russian movies are not as easy to get as English movies. On DVDs you can change the language but in rare cases you'll find them in Russian. To start with some material I looked up Russian TV web pages on the internet.

On you can find previews to TV shows, documentations and the current news. Especially the news are interesting because it gives you insights in Russian current topics and daily live.   You'll also find international news e.g. on the Russian plane which was heading to Syria and got stopped by the Turkish aircraft. Every country's news has a different point of view - very interesting! 


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