Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Seven Giants of the Urals

       Man-Pupu-Nyor (little mountain of the gods) is a magical geological formation sculpted deep within the Ural mountains in Russia. It consists of seven impressive rock formations with heights varying from 30 to 42 meters which reign over the solitary mountain plateau. Access to limited to only very well prepared travelers and usually requires the use of helicopters and snowmobiles due to it's location remote and inhospitable region in the Komi Republic 
       Man-Pupu-Nyor in Russia is a place which inspired hundreds of legends throughout the years. The unusual shape of the giant rocks as well as their distribution (six grouped together and one several meters apart) was probably the reason for the most known myth. It is said that a shaman cast a spell on the evil giants and turned them into stone. Another belief is that a giant fell in love with the beautiful daughter of his friend, the local tribal leader. But she not only rejected him, but also ridiculed him. The resentful giant called his brothers to his assistance and together they decided to assault the town where the beauty lived. She called for the protection of her brother who, with the help of good spirits and a magic shield, turned the giants into stones.

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