Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Russian beverage

Of course we all know Russian's are well known for their love for vodka, but there are some other signature drinks that are often consumed in Russia. One popular (and probably the most ancient) Russian drink is medovukha. This drink is made of a variety of spices and fermented honey. Medovukha's slightly stronger equivalent might be stavlenniy myod, which is another honey-based drink. Kvass is a non-alcoholic drink (well- 0.5% hardly constitutes as alcohol) that is both popular and dates back a few centuries. A dough is made when liquid malt, water, and flour are mixed and fermented. Water is added to the fermented liquid and is then mixed with sugar, berry juices, and yeast. The final mixture brews for several days, and it becomes what we know as Kvass.

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