Thursday, April 18, 2013

Cafe Pushkin in Moscow, Russia

Located in Pushkin Square, the Cafe Pushkin is very well known for its unique architecture and cuisines. The cafe has been there since 1999 of June 4th. The cafe was open and made by Andrey Dellos who knew a famous French chasonier name Gilbert Becaund. The chasonier sang a song dedicated to his Russian interpreter Natalie and it was based on his journey with Natalie in Pushkin square and a fantasize  Cafe Pushkin. Although much of its history is not detailed, the cafe does consists of 3 main halls on 3 levels and the interior decor revives the wonderful atmosphere of the early 20th century. The first level: the "Drugstore" room reminds of an old drugstore of the 19th century with such attributes as volumetric flasks, measuring glasses and pharmaceutical scales. The second level: the "Library" room with telescopes and terrestrial globes, bookshelves and ancient woodcuts. The third level: "Entresol" which is the balcony of the "Library" room. The cafe have both French and European cuisines such as beet soup, Russian dumplings and much more. This cafe is well known and recommended from the locals living in Moscow to the TIMES magazine. If I ever travel to Russia and stop by Moscow, I will enjoy the cuisine and especially their desserts such as honey cake and strawberry with ice cream which has a caramel dome. 

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