Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Russia's Adoption Ban

The Dima Yakovlev Law was enacted in Russia, and defines sanctions against U.S. citizens involved in violations of the human rights and freedoms of Russian citizens.  It creates a list of citizens who are banned from entering Russia, and also allows the government to freeze their assets and investments. The law also bans US citizens from adopting Russian children.

The name come from that of a Russian toddler who was adopted by Miles Harrison of Virginia.
In July 2008, less than three months after he arrived in America, Dima died while he was strapped into his adoptive father's car. Shockingly, he was left inside for nine hours.

The case became national news, and now Russians are focused on highlighting other abuse cases involving adopted children. The law was signed by President Vladimir Putin on 28 December 2012 and took effect on 1 January 2013.

Another recent example is the death of three-year old Max Shatto. He was found unresponsive outside his parents' Texas home. Bruises found on Max's body appear to have been the result of accidental injuries, resulting in the inability to press charges. However, Russians are not convinced, and the debate over foreign adoption will continue.

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