Sunday, April 21, 2013

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Or known to Americans as Borscht, is a chief dish in Russia. Borscht is essentially Russian beet soup, composed of several different ingredients and mainly beets. As with any dish there are many variations in how to prepare and cook it but I found one online that seems to be pretty simple. To prepare borscht you first need to prepare the broth. You can either buy store bought beef broth and add vegetables to it or make your own beef and vegetable broth- which is very simple. The actual soup part that makes this dish known as borsch is what will be explained.

                So, once the broth is simmering hot, you can then add finely chopped potatoes. It is important to make sure you add the potatoes first! After this, and off to the side begin to caramelize some onions and chop and cook the beets. Both the onions and beets are cooked in the same pan. After the beets have cooked for several minutes you then add the tomato paste to them and mix it thoroughly along with chopped carrots. You continue to let this mixture cook in a pan. After the beets have been cooked for about 15 more minutes, the contents from the pan can be added to the broth! In addition at this time you can add parsley root, celery, peppercorns, bay leaves, soup seasoning, and salt. After 15 more minutes of cooking you can then add the cubed tomato, peas, and dill. 10 minutes later, the soup will be done cooking! After it has cooled a bit you can then serve it with sour cream on top- yummy!

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