Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Advertising in Russia

What is advertising? Advertising is a form of communication intended to persuade, influence or otherwise affect the target audience, which varies based on the specific advertisement. Generally, the concept is to push a consumer into purchasing the company's product instead of competitors. There are many mediums of advertising that affect diverse groups, some more effective than others. Specific companies advertise in specific ways to target their audience. For example, you won't find ads for life insurance during childrens shows here in the United States. In Russia, there was an effective strategy that I found to be quite interesting. Below you will find a picture of eggs being used as a medium for advertising.
These eggs say "продам пежо" which means something similar to "Selling Peugeot" which is a manufacturer of cars. The printers that are used to stamp every egg can be reprogrammed to say just about anything and lets be serious, who doesn't like scrambled eggs in the morning? Just another interesting thing that happens in Russia. 

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