Sunday, September 15, 2013

"Moscow Cat Theater"

     Evidently, there is a theater in Russia in which all of the central performers are cats! 
These four-legged actors and actresses include headlining names such as 
Appendicitis (yes, you read that correctly), Britan Cat, Banana, Sausage, Sock, and Roll. 
A few dogs even make it into the show, never ones to be out-shined by their kitty comrades. 

     Led by father/son duo Yuri and Dmitri Kuklachev,
 the theater has been recognized worldwide for its unique (and fluffy) talents, 
the majority of which are trained since birth to take part in the performances. 
     Sadly enough, though, the theater has also gained some recognition over 
controversy regarding the owner's handling of the animals... 
According to some, the routines that the cats are required to perform are both "ridiculous" and "humiliating", and their treatment between public appearances is far from ideal.
     The circus's response to these accusations? 
Numerous anti-defamation lawsuits, and a webpage proudly proclaiming:
"This theatre helps children to grow up in kind and good adults, who treat cats and every living being on our beloved planet with care and respect."  
     And just in case you're interested - 
The website also "meows" if you move your cursor over certain areas. 


--- Kasi Leclair

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