Thursday, September 12, 2013

My favorite Russian artist, Ю́лия Са́вичева!

     Since the 7th grade I have been highly obsessed with foreign music, especially Russian music and one of my favorite Russian artists of the 21st century is Ю́лия Са́вичева, in English she is known as  Julia or Yulia Savicheva. I loved her music so much that I myself even performed one of her songs entitled "Прости за любовь" which is translated to "Forgive me for loving you". Ю́лия was born in Kurgan, Russia on February 14 in 1987 which makes her 26 to date. Ю́лия's father was a piano player and the majority of the people who came to their home were music producers and Russian song writers. So at a very young age Ю́лия was exposed to music and her father even composed songs for her to sing as a child. At the age of only 4 years old Ю́лия had her first appearance on a stage as a dancer with the band Агата Кристи which was a Russian punk/synth rock band who was active up until 2010. For many years following that, her dancing got her many opportunities to perform in musical events in the recreation center at MAI. Later on, her creative potential led a producer to offer her a lead role in the New Year's performance at the Cathedral of Christ the Savior and she did so well with that she was asked to come back the next year as the lead again. In 2003, Ю́лия participated in a T.V. show contest titled Star Factory which would be like our American Idol. Ю́лия was actually eliminated in the semifinals of this show but her songs went on to become hits in Russia, such as "Высоко", "Корабли", and "Прости за любовь"; Ю́лия came back to Star Factory a second time but this time around she was hosting the show. In 2004 Ю́лия participated in another contest known as Eurovision and came in 11th place with her song "Believe Me". She finally released an album in 2005 with the title Высоко. In August of 2005 she wrote another hit called "Если в сердце живёт любовь" which later became the theme for a T.V. series Don't Be Born Beautiful in Russia. In June 2006 she released another album called Magnit, it was very successful for Ю́лия. In 2007 she did some touring in Japan and performed in a musical entitled That Kind of Music. There is not much going on with Ю́лия lately except for basking in her fame and fortune and she is most likely doing some musical work somewhere but there is no public documentation of her recent activity. Attached below are two of her hit songs for everyone's listening pleasure: 

("Прости за любовь")

("Если в сердце живёт любовь")

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