Thursday, April 24, 2014

Russia and the United States in the Ukraine

Discrepancies about "who's running the show in the Ukraine"

     Recently there has been a lot of media attention and publication drawn to the activities taking place in the Ukraine, specifically involving both the Russian and the United States government. Each country is pointing the figure at the other and denying any claims that paint a bad picture about themselves. The Russians claim that the United States are running the show, while others claim that Russian has gunmen answering to their commands in the Ukraine. Both of these allegations were denied by all parties accused.
     Despite these claims it has been confirmed that pro-Russian militant have taken over public buildings and placed pro-Russian officials. The United States requested that Moscow facilitate the removal of these pro-Russian Militants and officials, and to reduce their aggressive efforts in the Ukraine. Kiev launched an anti-terror operation to do just this, however, Russia is claiming that the United States is interfering with Russia's "Best Interest".

Who's side of the story will you believe?

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