Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Russian iTunes Top 20

            I was browsing my iTunes earlier today and a thought struck me, ‘I wonder what the top hits for Russia are?’ I decided to dig a bit to find out about the popular music in Russia today. I found that on iTunes the most popular song in Russia is ‘West Coat’ by Lana Del Rey, who is an American Artist. This was expected since most of American media is spread all around the world, but what I found strange is how in the top 10 songs on iTunes, only 3 were in English. The other 7 songs were in Russian, which I did listen to and they were pretty good. The number two song is Ангел by Нюша. I decided to compare the iTunes top 10 to the Top 10 tracks in Russian, which shows more English songs than Russian, 6 English and 4 Russian.

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