Thursday, April 3, 2014

Russia's business culture differs greatly from that of the United States. The United States business cultures thrives with entrepreneurship, personal and individual achievements, and profit maximization. Russia's history with communism and Czarism has left it's culture hesitant to embrace individualism, and profit maximization as a basis for business culture. This is resistance is targeted more towards the western values and outlook on life.

Russian's are very punctual and believe in beginning and ending tasks/meetings on time. Due to the communist background of Russian Business, many bureaucrats had little incentive to perform well and meet customer needs, this is continually true today, however times are changing. They are certain practices that are demonstrated in the business world in Russia, such as representatives sitting on one side of the table while guests sit on the opposite side. In addition Russians are always prepared and to the point with presentations. Many of us have learned that large corporations in the United States are willing to admit mistakes to build better customer relationships, this is as true for Russian Businesses.

One huge difference between Russian Business culture is that they host business dinners at their home, and are great hosts. Many business dinners in the United States take place at restaurants.

So Now you know a little bit more about Russian business culture... Wait for the new post to learn more

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