Thursday, April 16, 2015

Russian Voting

         So get this. According to various sources, there isn't a great disparity in voting by income in Russia. Whaaaaa? That doesn't make sense! That's right it doesn't! Take the United States for instance. We have a massive gap by income in our voting. That is, lower income voters tend to vote democrat, while higher income voters tend to vote Republican. There are a ton of micro and macro reasons for this, but the fact is it happens. However, in Russia, there is an even greater disparity by income in society. They have a huge gap between classes. However, that is not reflected in their voting. Some possible reasons for this is that there is no real political ideology by party. Therefore, there is no party that backs ideas of income redistribution to vote for. The options are few and far between. In the end there are many options for the reasons, so we should probably just let me write a research paper on it for another class. Till that's released check the link.

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