Thursday, April 16, 2015

Russian Ballerinas

Russian ballet is probably the place to be for ballet. In almost no country, there are more theatres, ballet academies and more talented dancers than in Russia. For some reason, Russians have a very strong relationship to ballet. Little girls watch dancing movies on television and try to imitate the moves. Many of them decide before elementary school that they want to be the new “Swan.” Having made that decision, a long and hard way to the top lays ahead of them. Most kids are sent to ballet academies,
where they receive education, as well as excellent ballet training. Kids need to grow up really fast, when they realize how much potential competition there is; only the best “survive.” A few extra pounds or a couple of unaccomplished moves can be the end. In the past, girls and boys were beaten up when they failed to carry out moves or choreographies. I really hope this is not a standard measure anymore, but I doubt it. Children at ballet academies basically have a fulltime job; they lack free time. Sometimes kids do not even want to live such a life, but they do not want to destroy the dreams of their parents. Many parents envision their children on the great stages of “Bolshoi” and do not accept the “quitting” of their children. Life is tough as a ballerina!   

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