Thursday, April 16, 2015

Putin answers all life's questions

Recently on April 16th Putin answered questions live on a four hour live television show. This allows the President to portray himself as the answer to all of Russia’s difficulties, and allows him to connect with all the people and help them solve their problems. He does need to be careful with how he answers questions though. This phone in session has become an annual tradition, with questions coming from emails, videos, phone calls, and the audience. There had been over 3 million questions received. Most of the questions were pertaining to the economy, foreign policy, or the war in Ukraine, but there were some funny questions as well. Questions like…

Why hasn't the government kept the price of apples down?
Would you like to be the head of the United Nations?

Is it hard being president? How many hours do you sleep a night? Because actually I do love to sleep.

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