Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Сегодня в линг-кабинете. Урок 9 неделя 1. Здоровье!

Ну, как вы чувствуeте себя?

Listen to разговор 2. Write down the correct order (numbers next to pictures) of the events that you hear in Ed’s tragic tale to Katya… What happened to the schmuck? Что случилось этому мудаку? When you’re done, listen again, this time following along in the text and writing out the missing words (on the back of this worksheet!)

За столами... We're going to work on the conjunction чтобы, which lets you have one subject in the first clause and a different subject in the second clause. "They asked us to bring him a cake!"
Grammatical context:"They asked, that we bring him a cake." See how there's one subject in the first clause (they) and another (we) in the second? They are imposing their will on us! That's classic subjunctive territory (subjunctive means something like "impelling, bending"). In Russian, there's no subjunctive mood, rather Russian uses the conjunction чтобы to link Subject 1 and Subject 2; the verb in the second, subordinate clause is always in the past. Easy peasy. Прост как гвоздь! 
Они попросили, чтобы мы ему принесли торт! 

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