Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Packing for Study Abroad

Okay... anyone who knows me knows that I am an obsessive planner. I have been thinking a lot about my upcoming trip to St. Petersburg and what exactly I should bring with me for three months of study abroad. My gut tells me to bring EVERYTHING, but alas, the 50 lb baggage weight limit and my inability to lug my whole wardrobe through an airport solo remind me to be a bit more conservative. There are hundreds of websites detailing everything from what to bring, what not to bring, to how to pack it. Below are some links I found useful and a list of some things I am likely to bring with me.



My List:

Hard soled, winterized boots (cuz ya know... Russia)

Dark jeans (Wet/Dirty/Snowy St. Petersburg streets will stain your cute acid wash pants)

Nice sweaters (In my experience, Europeans are a tad more formal in their attire than us.)

A LONG jacket (Must cover past your hips to keep you effectively warm)

A hat (Russians will think you're crazy if you don't wear one)

Long Underwear (Doubles as pajamas!)

Slippers (You don't want to track the slush into your dorm room)

Vitamin D Supplements (the dreary weather takes a lot out of you if you're used to the Florida sun!)

Adapter Plugs 

A change of clothes IN YOUR CARRY ON (Airports often lose bags... luck favors the prepared)

An open mind 

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