Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Random Russian Facts

Here are 5 random interesting facts about Russia you might not know.

The Trans-Siberian Railway spans almost all the way across the county, making it the single longest railway in the world. The 5700 mile railway departs in Moscow and crosses into Asia. It then makes its way to the Pacific Ocean port of Vladivostok where it reaches the end of its incredible journey. The entire journey non-stop will take you 152 hours and 27 minutes to complete

2. Russia is home to the largest McDonalds restaurant in the world. With 700 seats.

3. There are approximately 10 million more women in Russia than there are men.

4. In Russia, men never give an even amount of flowers to a women. It is considered bad luck and is associated with funerals.

5. Moscow has more billionaire residents than any other city in the world. There are a total of 74 billionaires.

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