Thursday, October 4, 2007

Я тоже! Скороговорки

Okay, so I was only able to pull off two of them. My tongue isn't as athletic as Inna's, but here's my rendition of the tongue-twisters anyways:

Карл у Клары укpал кораллы, а Клара у Карла украла кларнет.
Karl stole corals from Klara, and Klara stole a clarinet from Karl.

Шла Саша по шоссе и сосала сушку
Sasha walked down the highway and sucked on a dry (ring-shaped) cracker.

1 comment:

Dr. Michael A. Denner said...

Hey -- that's excellent! You did a perfect job. Really.

And nice job figuring out how to post your audio files... I'm impressed.