Monday, October 29, 2007

Sing-Along Time!

That's right, it's time to start singing all (or just two) of your favorite children's songs. Except this time it'll be a challenge because you have to sing them in RUSSIAN! So, this is actually a joint blog betweem Hannah and I, and we had recorded ourselves screeching these tunes out just so you could hear what they sound like. Unfortunately, I'm feeling a bit retarded today and I can't seem to load the sound I guess you'll have to be happy with the lyrics. I'm sure you'll have just as much fun singing it yourself.

Here's one you should all be familiar with: John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt
(Actually, we changed his name to "Ivan Jacob Jinglovsky Scmitt" for fun.)

Иван Джейкоб Джингловски Шмитт

Иван Джейкоб Джингловски Шмитт,
Меня тоже так зовут!
Когда мы выходим,
люди всегда кричат:
"Bот Иван Джейкоб Джингловски Шмитт!"

And who doesn't know The Song That Never Ends...
(Go ahead and sing these lyrics to the tune. Not happening!)

Песня Которая Никогда Не Заканачивается

Песня которая никогда не заканачивается,
она продолжается вечно
Какие-то люди начали петь, не понимая что делают,
но они продолжали петь потому что...

We tried translating The Itsy-Bitsy Spider, but I'm still unsure of how good it is. I used one of those online dictionaries and instead of "the spider crawled up the water spout" I ended up with "the spider made a heavenly ascent up the spout." Yea, just ask Inna, she couldn't stop laughing.

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