Monday, March 10, 2008

Video: From Russia With Hate

This video is long, about twenty minutes, but is worth watching in its entirety. It is pretty amazing to see how close this journalist can get to this radical Russian group, however, he is indeed a white male. I am saddened to realize that immigrants and ethnic minorities in Russia have to fear for their safety whilst trying to live ordinary lives. This crazy new "nationalism" is an epidemic and is spreading rapidly as such. A infectious "us and them" mentality is being disseminated by predominately white males who are affecting millions of lives negatively. I have learned that twenty to thirty people a year die of such attacks and these numbers are rising at an annual rate of thirty-percent! Russia is becoming "fertile ground" for Neo-Nazis and it seems this problem is only growing. Hate is the vehicle being forced on immigrants at all cost in order to drive them out of the country. The question is, will this violent plan work?

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