Sunday, February 8, 2009

Greatest Disco Song Ever

In 7th grade in Mr. Carson's social studies class we did a month long unit on the Bolshevik revolution. It quickly became my favorite revolution, even more so than the French or American revolution (although I do love Alexander Hamiltion), and probably my favorite period in history to study, as well. I mean come on. You have curses caused by not properly observing mourning, stampeding peasants, sketch priests that may or may not have run around Siberia naked and were apparently immune to poison, gunshot wounds, and frostbite, troops beign sent into battle armed with nothing but pitchforks, those crazy Bolsheviks... what's not to love?
I was very disappointed when we all but skimmed over this in high school World History and was annoyed that I seemed to know more about it then my teacher.

In honor of "Peace, Land, Bread" (who cares about liberty when you're starving to death?) I'd like to share what is in my humble opinion the GREATEST DISCO SONG EVER!!! I happened to stumble upon it during the same time that I was studying the the man for whom the song was named.

"Rasputin", originally perfomed in 1978 by Boney M

This video uses the original recording accompanied by the lyrics and pictures of the man himself

Here's the music video for the 2007 cover version by Finnish "symphonic folk metal" band Turisas. While the dude's fedora is pretty sweet, I want to know, where's the scraggly beard with bit of food stuck in it? Come on, there's nothing hotter than that.


Dr. Michael A. Denner said...

rah rah rasputeen... russia's greatest love masheeeeen.

rachel, you are one weird cat.

Christine J said...

Omg, Rachel. Thank you so much for sharing this. Really. Made my day.