Monday, February 23, 2009


Since I couldn't think of anything better to do for my blog entry, I decided to post a short little something about the old Russian newspaper and new Russian website called Pravda.

Pravda was a Soviet Newspaper that started back in 1912 and ended in 1991. I think wikipedia sums up its purpose quite nicely: it was basically a tool used by the Soviet Communist Party to announce official policy and policy changes along with other "news".

Anyway, since Pravda was shut down by Boris Yeltsin back in 1991, some of the former newspaper employees got together and opened a website called Pravda Online . It has all the usual parts of a news site: your day-to-day happenings, opinion section, Russian concerns and -most importantly- photos and articles about western movie stars. It also has some of the strangest photo galleries I have ever seen, like "The Birth of a Chicken" (I'm not joking. It's really there.)

Here's the link for the english site, in case anyone cares:

And if you care to witness the development of a baby chicken one freakishly-gross photo at a time, here's that link too:

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