Monday, February 9, 2009

Jessica Simpson Making it big in Russia..

So apparently Jessica Simpson is quite the movie star abroad, a new movie "Major Movie Star" starring Simpson released on November 8th but there is no scheduled date for release in the U.S. No wonder people think the United States is crazy! 

Jessica Simpson, Russia’s Sweetheart:

What ever happened to Jessica Simpson’s comedy, “Major Movie Star”?

The “Private Benjamin” – like film has never opened here in the United States. But on October 9th, “Major Movie Star” debuted to top box office in… Russia.

Next up for a movie described by one of its participants as “maybe one of the worsr films ever made”: a November premiere in Bulgaria.

So far there’s no U.S. release date set. Nor is there one for any other country in which English is the primary language.

No fewer than 15 producers are listed on the credits of “Major Movie Star” including Jessica’s enterprising dad, Joe. The director was Steve Miner, whose credits are mostly from television.

While Jessica’s singing career transition into country star has gone pretty well so far, her movie credits seem to be getting worse rather than better. She’d be substantially better off, frankly, having a sitcom in which she can play herself.

To see the trailer click here (it's in English) 

It will explain itself.. 

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