Sunday, February 8, 2009

Vladimir Kunin and Chronicles of a Dive Bomber.

For my last birthday my friend knew that I was in Russian so he decided to go to some Russian shop and get me a bunch of stuff. Among them were Russian soda flavored with Tarragon (it kind of tastes like licorice), Russian pretzels, Russian graham crackers, and also a book in Russian. With some effort I found out it was Chronicles of a Dive Bomber by Vladimir Kunin. I was a little interested so I asked Dr. Denner and he hadn't even heard of Kunin. So here's a little bit of info on him and the book.

He was born in 1927 in Leningrad and immigrated to Germany at some point in his life. He was a member of several Russian film and writer's associations. He was quite prolific and wrote around 35 short stories, 4 novels, and 18 movies based on his writings. Chronicles of a Dive Bomber was made 1967 set in the working days of aviation during World War II. It's about this aviation crew that tries to photograph enemy air fields and the dangers they encounter. The pictures above are from the movie.

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