Saturday, April 10, 2010

Punk'd: Lenin

A series of pranks has been occurring all over Russia for the past few months. The Victim? Vladimir Lenin. Several statues have been defaced, disrespected, and downright abused. While most people have found it amusing if a bit immature there are a few older citizens and a few local communist groups who are up in arms.

The pranks have ranged from costumes to paint to explosives and the culprits have managed to get away with it all. I only have one question.

If we blame this on the Jackass guys do you think they'd be kidnapped by Putin's secret police before they can finish filming their third movie? Because that would work for me.

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Alex "Pup" (pupsoid1) said...

Serves him right. + It's so creative! А сколько улиц и проспектов имени Ленина есть в России!