Sunday, April 4, 2010

Russian Cakes

Ok, so since Unit 9 is on everyone's favorite subject, the Instrumental Case... I mean, food, here are some delicious-looking Russian pastries.

Корзина, or "baskets" are little meringue flowers in pastry baskets.... Clever, huh?

Картошка, or potato cakes, are named after the root veggie they resemble. But they aren't made with potatoes, unfortunately. Rather, they are a yummy mixture of walnuts, cocoa, breadcrumbs, and other cake-like ingredients.
Сметанник is a sour-cream cake. While sour cream in a dessert might sound a little weird to most Americans, my grandmother makes sour-cream cookies, and the sour cream makes them so very moist!

Should anyone choose to make any of these yummy things and bring them into class, I will be eternally grateful.

Random misspellings have been included for your viewing pleasure!

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Marina Darmaros said...

Nham nham... Love all of them... and also the tort napoleon, varenye of all kinds, chocolate alyonka and everything also... Russia makes me fat! ;-)