Saturday, April 10, 2010

Russian Baby names

I am so used to hearing only a select handful of Russian names so I decided to research the top 10 Russian boy and girl names. I found a list!
Boy names:
1. Lev (which means Lion)
2. Aleksandr (defender of mankind)
3. Mikhail (who is like God)
4. Sacha (shorter version of Alex)
5. Nikolai (victory of the people)
6. Gavriil (God is my strength)
7. Konstantin (steadfast, everlasting)
8. Vasili (king)
9. Maksim (the greatest)
10. Luka (Lucania)

Girl Names:
1. Galina (Light)
2. Nikita (unconquered)
3. Raisa (rose)
4. Natasha (born at Christmas)
5. Kalista (most beautiful)
6. Nadiya (hope)
7. Tatiana (fairy princess)
8. Valentina (healthy or strong)
9. Veronika (victory bringer)
10. Zenya (well-born or noble)

New ideas for Russian novels! My favorite name is not listed on this though, Arkady.

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