Monday, February 7, 2011

Lessons Learned from a Russian Music Video

First of all, let me say that this is the kind of song that gets stuck in your head and stays there. Proceed with caution. The music video is very entertaining, mostly because it’s a bunch of Russians trying to act tough. From what I’ve heard, these guys are to Russia as the backstreet boys are to the US.

Things to notice:

1. Eating habits. Mom cooks dinner and lays it all out on the table for the guests family-style.

2. The guests bring gifts, usually flowers, chocolate, etc.

3. Very little smiling (though I think this is supposed to be some kind of mafia/love triangle thing, which might explain it a bit. Still, Russian’s don’t smile. )

4. Men are strong and dominant

5. Squished apartments/crowded cities

6. Lyrics: not too happy with the government/society in general


Another catchy Russian song, just for fun. These guys remind me of the A*Teens:

Dialogue with Patrick:

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