Tuesday, February 8, 2011

PSA: It's super effective?

So, trawling EnglishRussia for a blog post for this unit, I came across a few pictures of what appears to be an anti-drunk driving PSA. Somehow, despite the fact that a fake corpse jammed through a billboard is about as unsubtle as it gets, the sheer low-budget, guerrilla-like feel of the whole ad makes it seem more subtle than flashy American PSAs on the same subject. The text accompanying the rear of the unfortunate dummy is difficult to see; it says "ЗДЕСЬ МОГЛИ БЫТЬ ВАШЕ ТЕЛО" -- "YOUR BODY COULD BE HERE." It doesn't even contain an admonishment not to drink and drive, so as far as viewers know it's just advising them to avoid launching themselves at billboards, or something. Then they drive past it, glance back, and see the front half of the dummy, still clutching a steering wheel...and, bizarrely, wearing a jaunty Santa hat.

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