Monday, February 7, 2011

UNIT 6: Drinking Traditions

Here are many drinking traditions in Russia:
  • When you have alcohol, it must be drunk until it is gone.
  • One should not put a glass with alcohol back on the table.
  • Traditionally alcohol is poured out to all the people present, though they are not required to drink.
  • One should not make a long interruption between first and second shots.
  • The latecomer must drink a full glass (so-called "penal")
  • Outgoing guest must drink last glass, so-called "На посошок". Literally it is translated "On a small staff", really means "For lucky way".
  • As a rule, every portion of spirit is accompanied by a touch of glasses and a toast. Funeral and commemoration are exceptions; there the touch of glasses is forbidden.
  • It is not allowed to pour out by hand holding a bottle from below.
  • It is not allowed to fill a glass being held in the air.
  • It is considered bad luck to make a toast with an empty glass.

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