Saturday, February 22, 2014

Russia Leadership History

Russia has a very interesting history. For starters the successor of Vladimir was Sviatopolk which is believed to be his biological son due the rape of Yaropolk’s Wife. Due the question of his authentic rule he ordered three of Vladimir’s younger sons to be murdered. He was  later defeated by Yaroslav I, one of his brothers who led and army against his rule and defeated him. Sviatopolk retreated to Poland. This younger son Yaroslav I issued the first Russian code of law refered to as the Russkava Pravda. When Yarolslav died his oldest sun succeeded him Iziaslav, he was later overthrown by a popular uprising, and fled to Poland. He later led the Polish army into Keiv and regained the throne. Two of his brothers over threw him. After these successions many followed throughout the history of Russia. 

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